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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  May 31, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola whatever you want to do... droid does. >> live and in hd, this is breaking news. >> we're following two breaking stories to that. a severe weather system is heading our way and is expecting flooding, wind damage, and possibly tornadoes.
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we have in other breaking story coming in from hyattsville where five children including a toddler was struck by a vehicle. investigators are on the ground try to find out what went wrong. this happened in the 2200 block of hannon street. >> still a very active seen here behind me at the 2200 block of hannon street where an suv has backed into a driveway and run over a group of five children. let's go to video now. this happened around 8:30 tonight. a woman driving possibly a ford expedition was backing in when an accelerated and struck the children who were playing in the driveway area. some were crushed or trapped underneath.
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let's hear what neighbors and police have to say. quad's they were playing and then the car -- they told me that the woman tried to stop the car. instead of stopping and, she did it by accident and reversed more. that is when all the damage was done. >> the lady in the vehicle backed up. five children were struck. the vehicle continued and lodged in to the grunge that is in the rear portion of the house. -- in the garage as in the rear portion of the house. >> the driver is the parent of at least one of these children. their conditions are range from serious to critical condition. that woman is being questioned by police. >> a terrible story. thank you. keep us updated on that tonight.
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we turn to our other big story. we are on storm watch. >> within the next 24 hours this has the potential to cause flooding and possibly even tornadoes. let's get to doug hill. >> at the moment outside of the weather center in arlington, beautiful weather and warm temperatures. tomorrow afternoon it could all change. let's start with a look at the storms and. we will see a few clouds and maybe an isolated shower before sunrise. winds will turn to the southeast. tomorrow we will get to a warm sector of there. we will see a good chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. the key will be the timing of when the storms develop. cloudy in the morning. maybe a few isolated showers. it looks like the storms moved eastward ahead of the storm's
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center and a cold front especially through 5:00 and 10:00 p.m. was he the best chance of large scale. the best chance based on the latest computer model guidance will be a little after 5:00. it is all about the timing. the later the line of heavy storms arrive, the better chances they will have less intensity. we will be all over it and have more details on what to expect tomorrow and beyond the weekend in a few minutes. >> thank you. for instant updates at any time clock on the weather page at you can check out live radar and our team of forecasters will update the storm track. doug will update and a few minutes. >> return to the verdict in the
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john edwards corruption trial. he was found not guilty on one count and the judge called a mistrial on the remaining five counts. >> i am irresponsible. if i wanted to find the person who should be held accountable for my sins, i do not have to go any further than the mirror. >> we have a closer look at whether his troubles are truly over. >> there is still the possibility prosecutors could push for a retrial. a source says that is unlikely. john edwards says he is focused on using his life for good. >> walking out of the court room as a free man, he took to the microphone to acknowledge he made some mistakes. >> while i do not believe i did anything illegal i did an awful lot that was wrong. but a jury decided he was not
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wrong in the eyes of the law after a confusing day in the courtroom in which they went back to the deliberating room after they reached a verdict on only one count. a hung jury on all and one count. >> reaction to the ruling slid on both sides. >> a do nothing there was any evidence to prove that he took money. >> with a mistrial declared on the five remaining counts of corruption, what is the likelihood this is the last of his legal lows? >> i think as far as criminal exposure john edwards will be in the clear. >> the hard evidence that he knowingly accepted contributions to cover up his affair with his mistress and their child was week. >> all of the sensational stuff
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that i think it could make him not well liked by a jury and give them a reason to want to convict him. >> during a statement edwards thanks all of his kids for their love and support and choked up a bit when talking about how close he is to his daughter quinnett. he did not mention his mistress or late wife elizabeth during his remarks. >> thank you very much. now we turn to the life and legacy for an entertainment trailblazer. the godfather of dough go chuck brown. family and loved ones packed into the convention center to honor the footprint he left behind. celebrities, officials, and fans to enjoy his music for decades were all among the thousands and attendance. >> you could be a dignitary or a
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person on the street and he will show you the same amount of courage and respect the matter who it was. >> this may be the nation's capital, but gogo is the capital's music thanks to brown. >> he died two weeks ago after battling pneumonia. he was 75 years old. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00, a special celebration at the prom. why one group of students received a police escort. >> and upper and one big city in the country. that story coming up.
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>> a story that a lot of people are talking about the proposed ban on the big gulp and other
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sugary drinks like a soda. mayor bloomberg is behind a proposal to do that in the big apple. >> this would in a sugar drink bigger than 16 ounces. jay korff is live with all sides to the argument. >> will because of the proposed ban and some are calling mayor bloomberg the soda scrooge. reporters are sitting too much of this sweet stuff are making -- supporters say too much of the sweet stuff is making our nation's sick. >> one soda came out there were an 6 ounce bottles. >> whatever you call it, michael bloomberg things we are drinking way too much of it. >> jumbo everything, that is america. >> the one to ban sugar drinks that are larger than 16 ounces.
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>> they love their sodas and shorter. >> the goal, cut down on obesity. most people we spoke with things downsizing makes sense. >> there is a lot of evidence against drinking these drinks. >> others argue -- >> stay out of my life. i will take care of myself. >> you should be able to pick and choose what ever you want to drink. >> 16 ounces is a lot of soda. >> this nutritionist says too much sugar contributes to all kinds of at moralities. >> diabetes, high blood pressure. >> she hopes making it harder to get something we do not need can inspire us to make better choices. >> it will be a tip and the iceberg. >> we need to point out that if this does pass in the new york
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city there will be a number of exemptions including diet soda, fruit juice and the products that have milken them. -- melt in them. jay korff, abc 7 days. >> prom night at one of our region's best known schools. >> for one group of students the night is extra special. >> that is because they got an export you will have to
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00 on your side. blogs only on 7 tonight, the special moment. a group of d.c. teenagers have been waiting for their lives. >> if you young men and women that to enjoy a limousine ride with a police escort. that is not all. >> it was a lot more than just a police escort. according to the census bureau, almost half of a -- african
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american kids grow up without a father in the household. it was about promoting positive male role models in the black community. it was also about giving them the right of a lifetime, when they will truly never forget. tonight from goers got here a bunch of different ways. there were four couples who got the mother of all escorts. area motorcycle club, police, and others escorted for lucky couples on a party boss. it was a reward to a winner of an essay contest about the importance of fathers and black households. >> every time a child would get in trouble it would always be a mother, on, great-grandmother.
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>> alexander hamilton says his father was often gone growing up. >> i struggle with stuff on the street. i was doing bad stuff. >> he wrote about how his mom was mom and dad to him and his eight siblings. >> i am glad he became a nice young man. i love you. >> i love you, too. >> back out here you can see some of the very well-dressed students as they get out of their prom. a lot have some pretty sweet rides the will get home and. nobody else had anything close to the escort they gave the four lucky couples earlier tonight. i spoke with some of the students who won and they could not appreciate it more getting bad experience on their prom night. -- getting that experience on
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the prom night. >> a san diego 14-year-old girl became the spelling bee winner. snigdha nandipati spelled guetapens. she beat out a different finalists. >> so i guess i guetapens mary ann when i met her 20 years ago. a nice day out there. we still have some thunderstorms to watch out for. the later in the day the front arrives the less severe the weather will be. this is a view from the national harbour looking at the wilson bridge. a beautiful sunset this evening with a few high clouds.
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what will happen overnight as we are going to see a little change in the weather pattern. what we have around the area is very comfortable weather mostly clear skies. 70 degrees right now. 87 was the high so far. 67 in the district. a high of 85 during the -- this will probably be closer. 85 degrees is the official high in washington today. 80 degrees is the average. a warm front will advance in our direction. so far temperatures stay steady in the range tonight. we start to get a push of a little warmer and humid air into the area. there is just a slight chance we will see an isolated showers towards sunrise. all attention ships to the west. there is an area of low pressure developing along southern great lakes tomorrow. a cold front extending to the south.
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let's take a moment to see the different elements that will come into play here. may be an isolated showers and low clouds with a front toward sunrise. clouds will turn partly cloudy with humidity levels rising. we will get a steady push of warm air and higher winds and the allegations. at the same time the storm center will move east. widespread showers and thunderstorms in the evening. the timing is critical because we have a daytime heating, that will lead to more severity in the storms. anyway you cut it i think you are in good shape to see intense showers and thunderstorms between 5:00 tomorrow afternoon and 10:00 tomorrow night. it will not just be the d.c. area it will be a widespread area under the potential of severe weather. the timing and location not
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exact. cloudy with an isolated showers in the morning. partly cloudy and warm the. temperatures into the 80's. some severely in the day and evening. things will improve rapidly as we head through saturday and sunday. we will go through a prolonged period of below average temperatures in june. >> it will be a busy day. >> will keep you posted. >> let's look at some of the headlines. they say goodbye to fill michael said the memorial. the nba lottery -- wait until you see this. the redskins sign a rookie quarterback. [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx.
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>> the redskins wrapped up their second set of ota's today. while rgiii has not signed a
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contract today mike shanahan said he is encouraged by the progress by his ball club. he loves the confidence the redskins have developed. this is the first time mike shanahan talk about being hit hard and run over in practice. >> i proved i can take a hit. i did talk to the team afterwards. i do not remember the conversation i had with the team. i really do not. >> i have that problem every day at work. the san antonio spurs won the first two games at home. tonight the series moved to oklahoma for game 3. the thunder at home. if you -- the spurs were outplayed all night. cavan durant was a beast. he scores -- kevin durant was a beast. they built up to almost 30.
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is over. oklahoma city will win. while i am talking about the nba, this is for all the conspiracy theorists' several nba executives are complaining that david stern major the hornets cut the first pick in order to convince saints honor not only to buy the team but to keep them in new orleans. the nba owns the hornets. for golf fans, they played the first round of the memorial. let me take you back to dublin ohio. two superstars that all the attention. tiger has four birdies today. he used the momentum to shoot two under par. he is very much of the hon. phil nicholson was a miss. he was hitting inside was and could not figure it out. after shooting a 79, he said that is all. i am out of here.
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the baltimore orioles -- he will have surgery tomorrow to repair a broken bone in his right wrist. he broke its lighting and we did it again on tuesday night. first-place washington nationals are at home to start a weekend series with the atlanta braves. there you have it. >> if the nba draft is not fixed, it is f
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>> today's memorial service for chuck brown remains a top trending story on also, a water main a break and dupont circle. also the weather on the way.
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>> tomorrow will be interesting. >> let's look at the friday morning wake-up with the first day of st. -- first day of june. temperatures in the 60's. we are looking at a high likelihood of thunderstorms some severe in the late afternoon or evening.
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